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My goal is to empower you so you can put in place an effective healing program. 

After completing a residency in Internal Medicine in San Francisco, I began my medical practice in the early days of the AIDS epidemic; before there were any effective medications. In an effort to help keep my AIDS patients alive, I learned to support the immune system with diet, antioxidant supplementation, hormone balancing, intestinal support and mind-body techniques. Thirty years later, the majority of my HIV/AIDS patients are still alive and in excellent health.

More recently I have identified treatments that are helping people with fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, Long Covid and other chronic conditions make their way back to excellent health. I have published several clinical trials studying these methods in peer-reviewed journals.


The key components of a comprehensive healing program include:


  • Adrenal Support

  • Microbiome Support

  • Mitochondrial Support

  • Deep Restorative Sleep

  • Mold & Allergy Testing (when necessary)

  • Prescription Medications (when necessary)

I am confident that by following a holistic treatment program you can improve how you feel. All the key pieces need to be put in place to in just the right way to best support your body's innate healing abilities. 


I’d be happy to speak with you by phone for 10-15 minutes to see if we’re a good fit. You can also send me a brief note and/or questions via the Contacts section of my website. 


If you would like to schedule an appointment, please review my ‘Policies’ page and then click on the ‘Appointments’ tab. You will then be provided with new patient instructions.

Check out my latest YouTube video on mitochondrial health here:

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"Twenty years ago, when I was seeing another doctor, he told me to “go home and get my affairs in order” because I was unlikely to live another six months. Fortunately I found Jon Kaiser and am not only still here, but very healthy.  I credit Jon with properly diagnosing my condition and with helping me maximize my wellness. He is an experienced, warm, and communicative professional—in my estimation the best kind of doctor to have on your side!"

Scott A......Oakland, California 

Dr. Jon Kaiser has guided my healing program for a life-challenging illness for close to 20 years now, while also greatly improving my quality of life. When I lived in Los Angeles, I consulted with Dr. Kaiser by phone to make use of his unique combination of natural and conventional medicine. He is keenly aware of the multiple pieces that go into a successful healing program. He looks for the underlying causes of illness, some of which may be missed by other practitioners, and pays close attention to key details that will help you recover. 

Richard K…..Pinole, California

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