Everyone is an individual. If a person appears frail due to premature aging, there is a problem. While the body may not have developed a crisis, the person is clearly heading in that direction. In my experience, people who appear prematurely frail are suffering from systemic “mitochondrial dysfunction.” In this situation, the cells of the body are unable to produce sufficient energy to keep you healthy, vital and strong.


Mitochondria generate all of the energy for your cells to function. There are many potential causes of mitochondrial dysfunction. They include poor diet, exposure to environmental toxins, chronic stress, many prescription drugs and a sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes it is a combination of these factors that causes the mitochondria to deteriorate over time.


This is a reversible condition. I have seen many patients improve significantly by applying a functional medicine approach to treating frailty. By putting in place the proper nutritional support and beginning a well-defined program of antioxidant therapy, premature frailty can be stabilized and reversed. 

I want you to know that because of your guidance and treatment, I have lived a full life for the last 20+ years. After living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for so long, I never thought that would be possible. You made that possible! Thank you so much!

Laura S.....San Francisco, California

I have been with Dr. Kaiser now for over 15 years and I can say for sure that he is truly a lifesaver and a game changer. I will never forget when my previous doctor told me that I had a terminal illness. However, from the moment I met Dr. Kaiser, he let me know he would put no limit on my lifetime. Dr. Kaiser not only extended my lifetime, he has also greatly improved its quality. 


Working with Dr. Kaiser from out of town has been easy. I flew to see him for the first few visits and since then have had all my appointments by phone. Lab slips are sent to me and I get blood work done and results are sent to Dr. Kaiser and then we have our phone visit, easy as that. Thank you Dr. Kaiser for changing my life forever!

Sean K.....Seattle, Washington 

When I first met with you, my entire intestinal system was devastated from intestinal parasites and chronic antibiotic treatment. Your care, attention, knowledge, and the treatments you offered me based on your research, helped me rebuild my whole life.


If I hadn't found you, things could have gone in a really bad direction. As it was, you set me on a gentle and gradual course for recovery that healed my entire life. An unexpected effect of improving my gut health was that the migraines and chronic sinus infections I'd had my whole life completely stopped. 


Thank you for how much you helped me and I am so happy that you have returned to private practice. I know that everyone you care for will be very, very lucky.


With love and respect,

Jessica S…..Chicago, Illinois

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