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Environmental Toxins –Plastics, Pesticides and Mold

There are three environmental toxins we should all be aware of - Plastics, Pesticides and Mold.

I’d like to start with alerting you to the ever-increasing danger associated with microplastics. There are hundreds of millions of tons of plastic being released into our environment every year. Did you know that the average American ingests approximately one teaspoon of microplastic particles every day?

While some environmental groups have tried to focus our awareness on this problem, big corporations keep pouring plastics forth.

While most of us have heard about the Texas sized patch of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean, it's not easy to notice the microscopic plastic particles within the salmon you ate last night that is adding to your own inner burden of microplastics. This increasing amount of plastic molecules inside your body accumulates in your liver, kidneys, brain, fat tissue and endocrine glands. Sooner or later, it can overwhelm your body’s tolerance and contribute to the development of symptoms and disease.

Health conditions that can be triggered and/or made worse by exposure to microplastics include respiratory issues, cognitive impairment, immune suppression, chronic cysts, skin rashes, menstrual irregularities, cancer, adrenal suppression and your risk of developing an autoimmune disease.

The medical community needs to become more involved in the movement to decrease the use of plastics and other unsustainable materials in our society. The most damaging plastics are the really thin, cheap packaging materials that often come on products made overseas. These cheap packaging materials breakdown into microparticles almost in front of your eyes. They are going to make their way into birds, animals and human bodies.

Mold Toxicity

Since I returned to private practice 3 years ago, there's been an explosion in the number of patients I am treating for mold toxicity.

Mold toxicity can cause everything from sneezing, sinusitis, skin rashes, searing headaches, depression and chronic pain to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Long Covid, autoimmune diseases and bizarre neurological conditions.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to test both your environment, and your body, for mold exposure. A simple morning urine test can identify your body’s burden of toxic compounds known as ‘mycotoxins’.

Mycotoxins are well known to contribute to the occurrence of many diseases and health conditions. By eliminating your exposure to mold, and beginning a straightforward detoxification program, mold toxicity can often be effectively treated.

Pesticides and Household Chemicals

Exposure to pesticides and other chemicals can also contribute to unusual health conditions, be tested for and be similarly treated with a detoxification program.

The take home point I’d like to make is this:

“It often isn’t a single chemical or exposure that’s the problem, it’s the ever-increasing exposure to multiple environmental toxins that may eventually overwhelm your body’s ability to maintain balance and good health.”

If you are experiencing difficult to diagnose symptoms, or if you are not responding to treatments the way you would expect, exposure to mold and other environmental toxins may be a hidden issue that needs addressing for your health to improve.

There are many practitioners who claim to treat environmental toxicity. I’ve found that many utilize expensive detoxification programs that are often complicated and poorly tolerated. Detoxing too quickly can also cause a person to feel extremely ill.

My approach is to 1) remove the sources of exposure 2) give your body the nutrients and supplements it needs for strengthening and support 3) use binders in a gentle and effective way to gradually draw out these harmful chemicals.

If you have questions about my treatment approach to this and other difficult to treat conditions, please visit an explanation of my treatment philosophy HERE or call my office at (415) 381-7655.

Wishing you the best in life and health!

Keep Hope Alive!

Jon D. Kaiser, M.D.

Appointments: (415) 381-7655

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