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Improving Mitochondrial Health - New Video Series!

I've just posted the first two parts of my new YouTube video series on 'Improving Mitochondrial Health'.

I have over thirty years of clinical and research experience in boosting mitochondrial functioning. I utilize this information specifically for the treatment of complex medical conditions including HIV/AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia and Long Covid.

Please click below to view the first two parts of this series:

Increased levels of free radicals can damage the mitochondria’s own DNA producing genetic mutations withing the mitochondria’s genes. Since mitochondria divide within a cell, a progressively damaged population of dysfunctional mitochondria can lead to cells that do not have sufficient energy to function properly, or to withstand acute and chronic stress.

Everyone needs to learn more about how to support and optimize their mitochondrial function!

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